River Cruises

For those interested in meeting up with other paddlers, Colorado Whitewater offers free river cruises arranged by volunteers. These trips allow you to step it up and try a new section of river with the support of experienced lead and sweeps who know that section. Or if you have a favorite run, then simply come along and have fun with a group of boaters! The trips are not a teaching or training exercise, and members who participate are responsible for their own conduct and safety. 

Learn more about leading or participating on a cruise.

In order to participate in any cruise, you must be a CW member and sign a waiver for each cruise:

Waiver (Adult)   |   Waiver (Minor)


2022 Cruise Schedule

Please contact the cruise leader directly to sign up for the cruise and find out the logistics for the trip. Particularly for Class III and above sections of river, the cruise leader may ask you about your paddling experience to make sure that they feel comfortable leading you on the trip. Note: All river cruises are flow dependent and may be moved/canceled based on conditions. Please contact the group leader if you have any questions about specific cruises.


May 22 -Clear Creek - Lower Section class IV Cruise with Tim Kunin

May 28 -Arkansas River class - Milk Run class II-III with Ryan Ness

May 28 - Arkansas River - Browns Canyon class III-III+ Raft/Kayak cruise with Brian Sweeney 


June 4th- Poudre River- Filter plant class II-III with Scott Winkleman- - 

June 5th - Poudre River - Pineview/Bridges class III-IV. 11am at BTO with Andrew Hanson

June 14th - Clear Creek - Upper Clear Creek IV with Tim Kunin 

June 20th - North Saint Vrain - Shellys Cottages III -With Jesse Gunter 


July 5th -Bear Creek Lake Park - Betties Flat water Practice meet at soda lake at 4pm- Debbie Hathaway

July 9th - Arkansas River - Browns Canyon class III with Vanessa Logsdon 

July 10th - Roaring Fork - Cemetery section class II+ with Lynne Uhl and Noelle Wilhite 

July 20th- Clear Creek - Golden playpark class II-III with Judith Thomas and Heidi Haas

July 23rd - North Fork of the South Platte -Foxton class III-IV - With Lorraine McPhee

July 26th -Clear Creek - Golden playpark -class II-III with Judith Thomas and Heidi Haas


August 6th North Fork of the South Platte - Foxton section class III-IV with Robert Daigler

August 7th Roaring Fork - Cemetery class II+-III with Lynne Uhl and Noelle Wilhite

August 7th Arkansas River -Numbers class IV with Patrick Tooley

August 28th Colorado River- Pumphouse to Radium class II-III with Tessa Prince

August 28th South Platte-  Deckers class II-III with Janice Newberry


September 3rd [Bailey Fest!] North fork of the South Platte - Foxton section class III-IV with Robert Daiglet


BECOME A CRUISE LEADER OR SWEEP: We are always looking for experienced boaters to lead or sweep a trip. Contact Glenn Daly to add your River Cruise to the schedule.

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