River Cruises

For those interested in meeting up with other paddlers, Colorado Whitewater offers free river cruises arranged by volunteers. These trips allow you to step it up and try a new section of river with the support of experienced lead and sweeps who know that section. Or if you have a favorite run, then simply come along and have fun with a group of boaters! The trips are not a teaching or training exercise, and members who participate are responsible for their own conduct and safety. 

Learn more about leading or participating on a cruise.

In order to participate in any cruise, you must be a CW member and sign a waiver for each cruise:

Waiver (Adult)   |   Waiver (Minor)


2023 Cruise Schedule:

Please contact the cruise leader directly to sign up for the cruise and find out the logistics for the trip. Particularly for Class III and above sections of river, the cruise leader may ask you about your paddling experience to make sure that they feel comfortable leading you on the trip. Note: All river cruises are flow dependent and may be moved/canceled based on conditions. Please contact the group leader if you have any questions about specific cruises.


24th: Upper Clear Creek with Tim Kunin

27th: Milk Run with Ryan Ness

28th: Paddlefest


13th: Boulder Creek with Chris Zeller - POSTPONED

15th: Boulder Creek with Chris Zeller additional date added - POSTPONED

20th: Boulder Creek with Chris Zeller additional date added - POSTPONED

24th: Filter Plant with Ryan Ness - REGISTRATION CLOSED


11th: Boulder Creek with Chris Zeller

12th: Deckers with Hunter Cottrell

13th: Boulder Creek with Chris Zeller

18th: Boulder Creek with Chris Zeller

28th: Lower Blue with Tessa - RESCHEDULED FOR AUG

29th: Foxton with Ryan Ness - CANCELLED - FLOWS DROPPED


11th: Lower Blue with Tessa - CANCELLED - FLOWS DROPPED

19th: Fractions with Noelle

20th: Deckers with Judy - REGISTRATION FULL

26th: Foxton (+Waterton) with Bob


4th: Foxton with Bob

23rd: Lower Blue with Bob


BECOME A CRUISE LEADER OR SWEEP: We are always looking for experienced boaters to lead or sweep a trip. Contact Glenn Daly to add your River Cruise to the schedule.

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