Arkansas Weekend 2017

  • 07/14/2017
  • 5:00 PM
  • 07/16/2017
  • 5:00 PM
  • Little Browns Creek area, Chaffee County
Arkansas Weekend 2017!

This year's Arkansas River Weekend will be held July 14-16 and all ability levels are welcome!  

The river has peaked, the water is getting warmer... it is the perfect time to visit, or revisit, the Arkansas River this summer.  Milk Run, Brown's Canyon, Fractions, Numbers -= they are all waiting for you!  This will be one of the most fun events CW holds all year!  Camping will take place at Browns Creek Trailhead area in Chaffee County between Buena Vista and Salida.  Camping and kayaking are free!

Come join your CW friends for a weekend on the Arkansas River!

Here are the details:

Who:  You (You must be a current CW member - please renew or join on line if you're not)

What:  Camping and Paddling, all abilities welcome

When:  Friday, July 14th – Sunday, July 16th (Meeting at 9:30am Sat & Sun)

Where:  Camping at Little Brown’s Creek/Paddling the Arkansas River

Contact: Brooke Smith

Browns Creek Trailhead BLM Area.
From the Junction of Highways 24 and 285 (Johnson’s Village) take 285 south about 8 miles to County Road 270 and turn right or west (there are two sets of pipes that go over the highway, if you reach the second set, you have gone too far). Follow the road through a stop sign where the name changes to 270.  The road will change from pavement to to dirt. You will have to look for a left fork in the road.  This is where 272 takes a left, follow it.  This turn is about 3.5 miles from where you left 285.  There will be a sign for Brown’s Creek Trailhead. Follow the road until you hit the trailhead w/bathrooms (about 1.6 miles from the turn) on the right. Keep going down this road until you see kayaks on cars, about 0.7 miles from the trailhead.

We still need committed leaders and sweeps! If you are willing to lead or sweep, please let Brooke know.  Trips will be organized each morning at 9:30 am. 

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There will portable toilet facilities available but you'll need to bring water and everything else. Be prepare for any kind of weather. 

River Conditions and Responsibilities:

Flows could potentially be high this year. Conditions change drastically with water level. Please research the run you are interested in doing. River levels and run information can be found at American Whitewater. Published resources include Colorado Rivers & Creeks 2 and Whitewater of the Southern Rockies. If you are unsure if your ability matches the run at the predicted flow, discuss your boating resume with the leader.

Please remember you are responsible for yourself on the river. You are also responsible to the group. Boat within your ability. Don't take unnecessary risks. Don't participate in a rescue if you are likely to become another victim. Cruise Coordinators have the right to deny inclusion on a trip for any reason and they also have the right to request a participant to leave the river for any reason.

Cruises and River Weekends are not instructional events. You should have the skills necessary to safely navigate the section of river to be run.

Only current CW members are allowed to participate in CW events. Please bring your completed liability waiver to give to the leader for each event (there will also be some available at Arkansas Weekend).

Please ensure you have all equipment necessary to run the river. You may be asked not to participate if your gear (or lack thereof) causes an unsafe environment. Remember the five essentials: kayak, paddle, helmet, skirt, pfd. AND, these other essential things: sturdy footwear, drytop (water temp is 56 degrees in Salida), float bags, water, food, sunscreen, knife, throw rope.

Equipment/Gear Checklist:

Be sure that:

  • Your boat has foot pegs or a bulkhead (which have been adjusted to fit you)
  • Your boat has adequate flotation (inflatable bags that fit inside your boat)
  • Your float bags are secured, so that they will not come out of the boat and float down the river if your boat fills with water
  • Your spray skirt fits your boat and your body: you can put it on your boat on your own, you can release it with one hand, and it does not release on its own. We recommend a neoprene or similar spray skirt, instead of nylon
  • Your boat has a drain plug, (if it is equipped for one)
  • Your helmet and PFD fit properly
  • Your boat is padded so that you are comfortable, but snug inside
  • All your personal gear is labeled with your name and phone number. If you are renting equipment, please check each point listed above before you leave the shop; you may not be able to do anything about padding other than rent a different boat. Ask the staff to help you!
  • We still need committed leaders and sweeps! If you are willing to lead or sweep, please let me know. Trips will be organized each morning at 9:30 am.   Thanks in advance!

    Group potluck dinner Saturday evening (7-ish). You are encouraged to bring something fantastic! Remember to include a serving utensil. For the convenience of cooking we ask that all pets be leashed beginning around 5:30pm while people are preparing food through the conclusion of dinner. Our four-legged friends can be very curious about what is for dinner and might be interfering with the preparation. Thanks for understanding. Everyone should bring their own mess kit (plate/utensils). At the conclusion of dinner, please remove your dish from the group table.

    Hope you can join us for a wonderful weekend on the Ark!

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